How to choose blush?

Issuing time:2021-06-10 11:24

When we go to the banquet, female friends want to be beautiful in the occasion. Especially in the era of Beauty, no woman wants to be compared with her peers or friends. This requires us to maintain our skin in our daily life. At the same time, we should use cosmetics to cover up our shortcomings and enlarge our advantages infinitely. Only in this way can we leave a good temperament and image to others. In fact, who doesn't want to have a beautiful face, but many women do not know where to start when they are making up, especially on the choice of blush. Seeing the dazzling blush in the mall, I don't know which one to choose is more suitable for my temperament. Of course, the choice of blush will give the impression of youthful vigor and youthful beauty. Sometimes blush is not good at all. It will only leave people feeling pale and weak. Sometimes there will be an impression of gilding the lily. Today, we might as well give you a few tips to choose blush, so that you can easily choose a product suitable for yourself in many styles of blush.

1, choose blush according to their skin properties.

Because each woman's skin is different in nature, it is different in the choice of blush style. If our skin is oily skin, powdery blush is more suitable for women with this skin. If our skin is dry and prone to wrinkle at ordinary times, we choose the cream of blushes more suitable, because this blush will make the skin appear more moist.

2, how to choose blush colors?

The choice of blush number is very important. In this choice, we have been adhering to the principle that we can override our natural skin color. At the same time, we have to choose the color number according to the makeup we painted. If the makeup we paint is a cool tone, it gives people a feeling of high cold. At this point we need to use pink and red, if the painting is warm tone makeup, gold or yellow more matching such makeup.

3. The choice of blush tools.

Smearing the blush tool is of course inseparable from the brush. The appropriate blush brush can better dip the paint. If we choose frosting blush, then choose a natural brush. We should try to avoid choosing thick brushes on the brush. This kind of blush with thick hair brush will give people a natural impression. Try to choose the number that is loose relative to the hair, so that the blush that brushes is brushed, the makeup that draws is more cordial and natural.

4, women with different skin color choose the color of blush.

The skin is very fair, and the choice of blush color is relatively free. We can choose rosy and pink blush colors according to our overall makeup. If a woman with a lighter skin is choosing blush, choose the orange blush, orange pink blush and apricot pink as the right choice.

5, the color needed for naked makeup blush.

At ordinary times, we usually paint in our daily makeup. The blush color usually does not need to be too red. At the same time, when smearing, it does not need to be too large. It only needs two cheeks to see it, so choosing watermelon pink is a good choice.

6. The choice of delicate blush for formal occasions.

When we attend a very important occasion, we need to pay much attention to the blush. In order to add some luster to our faces, we can use a little darker color. The purpose is to highlight the outline of our face and enhance the stereo sense of the five senses.

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