How to Brush Mascara

Issuing time:2021-06-10 11:24

The eyes are the windows of the mind, and the long and thick eyelashes are the important props for creating bright windows. With long and slender eyelashes, where need false eyelashes ah, to know the effect of false eyelashes or some exaggeration, will give people a very heavy sense of makeup. Today, we teach you how to use mascara to brush your beautiful eyelashes easily, so that you have an exclusive cover up.

Step1: first of all, look up, use the eyelash clip to put the eyelash at the roots for 3-5 seconds, and put the eyelash curl up as much as possible, so that you can brush the mascara next.

Step2: Then use the eyelash growth fiber to lay a bottom on the eyelash root and brush it up and down repeatedly. There is not much skill. Generally speaking, 2-3 times is enough.

Step3: if you want more thickening effect, you can change the thick mascara in the Z font way from bottom to top. It is worth noting that each position pause for 2 to 3 seconds, which is more conducive to thickening eyelashes.

Step4: If you want the enlargement effect of your eyes to be enhanced, you need your eyelashes. First, apply the mascara to the bottom of the eyelash, then build the thickening effect according to the Z brush method.

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